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Releases And Announcements

Guess it’s time to face the music or in this case the council.

    • She spent seven years avoiding guild politics.
    • Seven years learning her craft and healing the injured.
  • Now she must prove her worth.
  • and her future rests on one man’s decision.
  • Except. . .
  • It’s hard to impress a master who travels for a local warlord, a bossy man
  • she avoids like a bad case of raw prickly rash that won’t go away.
  • But she’s hard pressed to keep her master’s place running.
  • amid an unknown threat hunting within the kingdom.
  • Enter the fantasy world of Namyria, where intelligent predators hunt within the shadows. . .
  • Where one young woman must face her destiny and accept her calling.
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They’re gunning for her and they’ll do anything to win….

    • She can’t avoid politics now.
    • The stakes are simply too high.
    • A few inside the Guild gunning for her and anyone that gets in the way.
    • That includes her friends, those she calls family, and especially her Hidden One.
  • Neither the Warlord nor the Guild can’t protect her from this.
  • So, it’s just a matter of time…
  • She must deal with the power players and schemers.
  • Before someone she loves gets hurt.

  • Enter the world of Namyria where one young woman must face her destiny and accept her calling.
  • Get your copy today.

Marta Robyne is the pen name for M. Flick, an author of Fantasy and Science Fiction. With BS and MS degrees in engineering, she worked for many years in IT. As a result, she’s moved to and lived in several states around the US. Currently, she resides in Wisconsin with her husband and black lab mix. In 2016, she walked away from the corporate world to help terminally ill family members while starting her own business on the side. The increasing demands of a 9 to 5 job no longer fit with her personal obligations.

She started out creating digital designs online after leaving the corporate world but soon discovered that writing fiction was something she enjoyed immensely. Looking back, that discovery isn’t too surprising. As a child, M. Flick spent many summers reading books during rainy weekends. As an adult, reading provided her with a way to relax and forget the day’s demands. For her, the joy of reading a gripping story has not faded. She still can’t put down a good book to go to bed at a decent hour. But now she’s creating her own stories. She hopes you enjoy her stories. Be sure to check out the site for news and releases. To join MR’s mailing list for news and giveaways, please visit her website at 

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